Defeat is inevitable! Let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen. The magic of life is learning to turn disappointment into learning and fuel for taking the next right action.

Here’s how to transform a defeat into momentum:

#1. Allow and Learn. Accept that it happened, and allow yourself a moment to feel disappointed. It’s ok to have higher standards for yourself and when you don’t hit them, take a breather. Then, immediately shift into learning mode. From this experience, what did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about other people? What did you learn about the world? What can you donow?

#2. Set 3 Goals. As soon as the defeat happens, set three goals that same day and go after them. The more momentum you have, the more motivation you’ll feel.

#3.Turn from Self to Service. Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about how you can rise to another level of service. How can you help others now? What would be something you could do for another person to save them from the same mis-steps you’ve made? You don’t even have to make helping others related to what you’ve just learned – just serving others in any form will help break your funk and put you back on path to The Charged Life.

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