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While working with Keller Williams, Michael’s team was repeatedly ranked in the top five in the southwest region. He and his team broke the record for buyer sales set by one of the largest Keller Williams franchises in the world, and ultimately became recognized as one of Keller Williamsʼ Top 50 agents in the world.

In 2015, Michael set out to create an Inside Sales Department for a brokerage in a new market, focused on building a solid nurture pipeline and maximizing listing appointments.

14 months later, his brokerage is set to close 500+ transactions...
A record breaking feat by any standard.

Michael Reese



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Get started immediately, for FREE!

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(Just pay $6.40 for Shipping)

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Grab this detailed, day-to-day activity list to get your buyer agents up and running starting day one. It should help you get them producing deals faster and easier than ever before (with a lot less effort needed from you.)

Lessons learned are the greatest teachers. Download this Autopsy Sheet so your OSAs and ISAs can work together to improve how they communicate and work together to get properties listed and sold.

84-day Agent Onboarding Checklist

List of Lead Stages

ISA Compensation Table

Click the link above to get access to our blog for how to use trial closes, tie downs and gaining agreements successfully in sales calls. In the blog you’ll find some of the most successful of these tools that we our ISAs use on a daily basis.

Blank Autopsy Sheet

Interview with Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton, authors of Go for No

Use this amazing resource to set a salary cap for your business. With it, you’ll be able to target your compensation for each team member appropriately and be sure you’re not overspending on your hires.

Use this list of lead stages to categorize your leads properly so that you can move them successfully along your sales pipeline from suspect to home sold with ease. This list will help your sales team’s communication and effectiveness by providing each member with a consistent naming convention for each stage of the lead management and conversion process.

Hear Michael's interview with the authors whose book details what it takes to be a better salesperson than 92% of those in the industry. Find out what the most empowering word in the world is not “Yes”, but a very direct “No”. The interview will change how you look at hearing the word no forever.


One-on-One Weekly Feedback Sheet

Tool Audit Checklist and Metrics

Consistent and detailed audits of your tool and metrics are the foundation to solid, long-term growth in your business. Get your copy of our checklist by clicking on a the link above.

Use this document to manage your ISAs like a seasoned pro and give them the feedback they need to experience and enjoy the benefits of continuous improvement.

Deconstructed FSBO Script and Video

ISA Dashboard Screenshots

Check out these screenshots of our reporting dashboard to get the inside track on what metrics we monitor on an ongoing basis.

Take this script and use it to get appointments with one of the toughest listing prospects out there: FSBOs. Check out the deconstructed script to see how the parts work to make it a great script and watch our trainer as he takes you through using it effectively every time.

Trial Closes, Tie Downs, and Gaining Agreements

To Help You With Training, Implementation & Conversion Optimization

You can set up a complete, turnkey system to provide your business with a consistent tidal wave of leads (buyer and seller) and experience predictable conversion rates that are more than 957% better than straight-up cold-calling the same leads you prospect day in and day out.

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