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May 8, 2017
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The Mindset For Inside Sales; How Top Agents Make Their Own Market

Corporate Consultant and Professional Coach, Gary De Rodriguez tells us that

“Life happens from us and not to us.”

What he means is that the outcomes we get in business and life are the result of our belief system and what we focus on each day, not in what others say and do that might affect us

For instance, if you’re an agent that focuses on scarcity and lack, then your business is often plagued by a shortage of leads, a scant number of sales and little to no cash flow.

If you’re an agent that focuses on abundance and opportunity, then you’ll always seem to have enough leads, consistent sales and enough money to grow your business and enjoy your life…

…even when there appears to be no leads, no sales and not enough money.

If you’re an agent who identifies with the second example we listed here, then you’re what we call a Market Maker and you’re of the mindset that you can make things happen in your business no matter what the circumstances seem to be at the time.

What is a Market Maker?

In stock trading, a Market Maker is a bank or trading organization that is prepared each trading day to offer a solid “ask” and “bid” cost for virtually any security. A Market Maker will readily buy and sell stocks whether or not it has a vendor standing by with whom to do business. In doing this, it is literally making a market for a security where there may be none at the time. Market Makers reduce the amount of time it takes for sellers and buyers to work out a deal, increase liquidity and reduce the cost associated with buying and selling stocks.

As a Market Maker in the real estate industry, you’re continually finding and creating ways to help buyers and sellers get things done faster, easier and in as financially advantageous a position as possible.

Also, you’re laser focused on finding ways to generate more listing and buyer opportunities to create a larger and more profitable business – literally finding ways to make something where there is currently nothing – all while helping your clients and employees achieve their goals by choosing to work with you.

The Market Maker Mindset

The key to achieving great results in being a Market Maker is your laser focus on creating additional opportunity where there appears to be none. It’s a mindset that sees no boundaries on how and where new business can be found. And, it’s all rooted in using your labor dollar creatively enough to hire ISAs to unearth these additional opportunities so you can take advantage of them.

Having a Market Maker Mindset means you look beyond only calling expireds, withdrawn, and FSBOs on a daily basis. It means you do more than having your ISAs handle only inbound calls. As a Market Maker, you use your ISAs to execute an outbound calling strategy that searches in the nooks and crannies of the vast landscape of listing opportunities where other agents don’t even bother to look.

Market Makers look to capture every listing opportunity in their farm market, including FSBOs, current expireds, past expireds and every other seller deal they can uncover.

Market Makers secure and develop relationships with divorce, probate, estate and bankruptcy attorneys to generate a steady-stream of highly-qualified, highly-loyal seller prospects.


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