October 5, 2017

Should You Be Afraid to Hire an ISA?

Hiring an ISA can be fraught with all kinds of danger if you don’t know what you’re doing. In fact, the US Labor Department estimates that making the wrong new hire could cost you as much as one third of
August 14, 2017

You need good leads before you hire an ISA

GIGO: Garbage In Garbage Out. If you don’t have good leads to call, then you won’t have good appointments. And if you don’t have good appointments, you won’t get good clients. And unfortunately, if you don’t have good leads, it
August 7, 2017

Learn the closing strategies of top ISAs

So many more appointments would be set and so many more sales would be made if people would simply asks for the order. Unfortunately, most agents are afraid of the word no and as such, they simply don’t ask. One
July 31, 2017

How an ISA helps keep leads from falling through the cracks

Does this happen to you: a lead comes in and you call it, only to find out that the person isn’t ready to sell, or you go on an appointment and the sellers need a little more time before they’re
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