July 24, 2017

Why hiring an ISA with natural curiosity is important

If you as the salesperson are the one doing most of the talking on a prospecting call, then the wrong person is doing all the talking. Telling is not selling. Most agents are super eager to talk about who they
July 17, 2017

Be sure you role play with every ISA candidate before you make your hire

We’ve all hired someone we shouldn’t have hired. We get busy and need help, so we pick the first person that seems to fit the bill. Within a few days, weeks or months – depending on how questionable the hire
July 10, 2017

Do You Truly Understand The Segmentation in Roles Of Inside Sales, and How it leads to more predictability for listings.

Why segmentation in roles leads to more predictability for listings. If you’re like most agents, having the opportunity to go on listing appointments daily would be a dream come true. The challenge you encounter at that point soon becomes a
July 3, 2017

When should you hire your first ISA?

Hiring your first ISA is a game changer for your business and not a decision that should be taken lightly. Bringing on the wrong person for this spot on your team could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in
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